2018 Summer School of ENHANCE: Science in hybrid energy harvesting technologies


The Training School, organised by the ENHANCE Consortium in the framework of the ITN Marie Skodowska-Curie project, is the first of a series of Workshops and Training Schools held by world experts and our industry partners on topics revolving around molecular engineering, material science, MEMS and Energy Harvesting.

The 3-days event, May 16-18, is a broad-based introductory multidisciplinary School hosted by the University of Franche-Comté/FEMTO-ST, in conjunction with the National Days on Energy Harvesting (JNRSE 2018, It is dedicated to the PhD students part of the ENHANCE project, however, it is open to all PhD and Master students. The training event will have speakers from the University of Franche-Comté/FEMTO-ST, EPFL, INSA and Imperial College London  téheir lectures will cover topics such as fundamentals of energy harvesting, basics of power electronics, piezoelectricity & thin films, ferroelectricity, characterisation methods, design & mechanical modelling.

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The ENHANCE Summer School is preceded by the 8th National Days on Energy Harvesting and Storage (JNRSE 2018, that will also be held in Besançon, the same place (see address below). The two conjuncted events are programmed as follows:

  1. JNRSE 2018, May 14-15,
  2. ENHANCE Summer School, May 16-17-18,

The place for both of these two events is:

      ENSMM engineering school building
      26, rue de l'Epitaphe
      Campus "La Bouloie"
      25000 Besançon, FRANCE


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